Diary – 28/03/2017

I am currently on Step 1 (otherwise known as sole source) of the Cambridge weight plan. This means that I have three CWP products a day and nothing else, just tons of water and herbal tea! 

Yes, it is tough, but I have found that after the first couple of days hunger is no longer a problem as my body has gotten used to the low calorie meals, it is just cravings/emotional eating/temptation to deal with. But it is getting easier as I go on! 

In my first week I lost 8 lbs, and I am hoping for another great loss at my week 2 weigh in tomorrow (although I am trying to reign in my expectations as I know that there will not be as much water retention/water weight as last week!) 

So, here is my food and exercise diary for today:


7.00am – Chocolate mint CWP shake 

I like my shakes a little on the watery-side, so I used 350ml water instead of the recommended 227ml. When I have shakes at home I sometimes add ice and maybe a shot of coffee, but I had this mornings breakfast on-the-go in front of my computer at work, so I didn’t have as much time to be fussy! 👌🏻👌🏻


12.30pm – Vegetable CWP soup 

Another meal sat at my desk, it sounds more glamorous if I call it a ‘working lunch’. It is really quick and easy to have most of the CWP products on the go, all I did was add hot water to the sachet contents in my favourite soup mug and stir. I made the whole office smell of my yummy veg soup! 🥕🌿


6.00pm – Chocolate chewy CWP bar

What’s not to love about chocolate for dinner?! These bars are so dense and filling 💖


So today I managed to fit in a half an hour power walk in my lunch break, and then I hit the gym this evening after dinner. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical (cross-trainer) and burner around 450kcal! Got home and had a lovely green tea and a shower and now I’m getting ready for a good nights sleep! Feeling fab ⭐️

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Peace and love! 


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