Diary – 29/03/2017

Today was also my Cambridge weight plan week 2 weigh-in, which saw me loose 3 pounds this week. Knowing that I was going to be weighed this evening really helped me avoid any temptation and stick to plan throughout the day.

So here is how today went:


7.30am – Chocolate chewy CWP bar

I woke up a little late this morning so just grabbed a bar to chew on on the way to work! One of the positives of being on the CWP is that it requires zero shopping or food preparation if you don’t want it to, perfect for disorganised folks like me! It is the true fast-food, as it is much quicker to eat one of these bars or shake up a shake than order and eat ‘fast-food’ 🕖🍫


1.00pm – Tomato and basil CWP soup

I love these soups, they are my absolute staple work lunch! Just add hot water and stir 🍅🍵


6.30pm – Chocolate mint CWP shake

My favourite product, the perfect way to end a full day on plan 💖

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Peace and love! 


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